Sunday, April 24, 2016

Alternative Teeth Whitening Procedures Your Dentist May Recommend

If your teeth are not as bright as they could be, or if you have developed stains on your dental enamel, you may be thinking about teeth whitening. Dentists in Lehigh Valley offer in-office teeth whitening procedures that can help enhance the look of your smile in just one or two visits. Unfortunately, there are some people who are not good candidates for teeth whitening. In such cases, dentists, such as the ones from Brookside Dental Care, may recommend an alternative that may achieve the same result. This often happens to those who experience the following: Sensitivity Level If you have one or more teeth that are highly sensitive, you may not be a good candidate for typical teeth whitening procedures. The agents used in professional teeth whitening treatments may increase your sensitivity. When your teeth are already sensitive, then the whitening experience may be uncomfortable for you.

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