Sunday, November 30, 2014

Closing the Gap: Lehigh Valley Dentists Help Deal with Gaps in Teeth

Other causes for teeth gaps are excessive gum tissue and gum disease. Not all of these are avoidable, so it’s fortunate that there are dependable Lehigh Valley dentists from leading practices like Brookside Dental Care who can help turn your gap-toothed smile into a perfect one. Depending on the cause and how far apart your teeth are, a dentist in Lehigh Valley has several treatment options. First, if the gap is quite minimal, a composite bonding can be a possible solution. The procedure requires no drilling or other complicated operations. All a dentist will do is use dental glue to build up your teeth via a filling material that matches the color of your teeth. This is done to both of the teeth that bookend the gap; for example, if there’s a gap of two millimeters between teeth, each of them will receive a millimeter of filling so as to close the gap. The great thing about this procedure is that it can be easily reversed or adjusted by just polishing off the glue.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Got Missing Teeth? Let a Lehigh Valley Cosmetic Dentist Fill the Gaps

People lose their teeth for various reasons like tooth decay or as part of aging, and an individual with missing teeth will likely face several problems. First, tooth loss can negatively affect one’s self-esteem; no one wants to smile to show off their incomplete set of teeth. Second, it can be difficult to eat properly without enough teeth; canines are needed to cut apart food, while molars are for chewing. In fact, if you are missing even one of your chompers, you may already find it difficult to eat. In the past, the usual way to deal with missing teeth was to have dentures made; however, these replacements weren’t as good as real teeth and sometimes caused discomfort for their owners. Thankfully, a well-made Lehigh Valley dental implant would be able to do all that a denture offers and more.