Friday, February 27, 2015

Improving Smiles: Cosmetic Procedures from a Lehigh Valley Dentist

All these have made dental implants very important in oral care. Dental implants are very effective teeth restoration devices, as they look and feel very much like real teeth. Their permanent nature keeps them from falling off the way dentures can, giving wearers more confidence. This permanence also helps in fully restoring oral digestive functions. Pretty much everyone can be fitted with dental implants, except for a few with certain medical conditions. The implantation of the metal post is a relatively quick procedure, and the patient may be given local anesthesia, but IV sedation is also available for those who prefer it. From the time the implants are attached, the patient generally has to wait 3-4 months before the prosthetic replacement can be attached. Local patients who have permanently lost a tooth should consider a dental implant in Lehigh Valley dental offices, like Brookside Dental Care.

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